Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Thank you to Milton who came to talk to us about bees and beehives

Emma. M’s Grandad (Milton) came in to talk about bees and beehives.

First, he talked about all the bees and about himself. Drones are the boy bees and the lazy and bossy bees. Also, they can’t even feed themselves! All the other bees kick them out at the end of the season.

Next he talked about the gear and how important it is to wear it. He even made Blake wear the suit (he looked very funny).

Then Milton spoke about the design of the hive and why they built it that way.

The cone (where all the honey is made) was passed around so everyone got to feel and see what it is like.

By Hanne and Sophia


  1. It was really fun learning about bee hives and what bees do in their life!!!

  2. That sounds like so much fun my grandpa works on railroads and machines. Were you scared if a bee was going to come out of the honey wholes? Please visit my blog at drivingin4th.blogspot.com