Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Firing up our pizza oven for the first time...

A few weeks ago we fired up the Worser Bay pizza ovens and made our own pizzas.

Making pizza for the first time! from Matariki on Vimeo.


  1. Hello,
    You guys looked like you had lot's of fun! It also looked really good. Our school did something like that on a camp and we had 2 pizzas!. What did you guys like that most about it? Making it? Tasting it?. Please visit our blog

  2. Wow that looks like you had tons of fun and had to use a lot of teamwork to make the pizza.What was the most challenging part of making the pizza? What was one of the skills you learned by making the pizza's?

  3. Hello,
    It seems like you had a really fun time making those pizzas. This post reminds me of when we went to camp we also made pizzas like you did here. We were only allowed to make 2 pizzas for one person. All we had to do is put the ingredients on because the dough was already made and then the staff will cook it for us in the pizza oven. How did you guys make your pizzas?Here our blog please visit it,