Friday, 15 May 2015

If you take a mouse to the movies

Some of us read, "If you take a mouse to the movies" by Laura Numeroff. We wrote our own versions of the story.

If you take a dinosaur to the party by Abay

If you take a dinosaur to the party,
he will eat all the food on the counter.
When he eats all the food, he will have to go to the bathroom,
When he goes to the bathroom, he will throw up.
Another dinosaur saw him and started to hunt him.
He’ll want to start a rampage.
There will be lots of noise.
He will want to cover his ears.
He will pick you up and run away with you from the other dinosaur.
He will take you home.
On the way home, he will see a bird.
He will try to eat the bird.
The bird will attack him.
He hurries home.
He will lay on the couch.
The dinosaur will get bored and want to go back to the party with you.

If you take a Nicola to the hairdressers… By Charlie P

If you take a Nicola to the hairdressers,
the hairdresser will get scared about how messy her hair is,
so there will be no one to take care of her hair,
So Nicola will leave.
If Nicola leaves the hairdressers,
she will have no money left!
So, she will be looking for money on the footpath.
If Nicola looks for money on the footpath,
people will trip over her.
If people trip over her,
people will get angry with her!

If people get angry at her,

Nicola will run away.
If Nicola runs away,
Nicola will get lost!


take a Nicola to the hair dressers.

If you take a penguin on a plane by Liv

If you take a penguin on a plane,
he will ask you to buy him lollies off the cafe menu.
Then he will ask you to get him some string.
When he gets the lollies and string,
he will make you a lolly necklace.
After that, he will insist he buys you something.
But then he feels sick because he will only have ten cents. Then, he will cry out the window.
He realises that the plane will land soon.
He will quietly sit next to you until it lands
and when it does, he will whisper to his family to buy you something.
They will buy you some fish and chips for dinner at their house, with a lot of other penguins.
They will pass you five lolly necklaces in a cardboard box. And then he’ll want to go on another plane.

If you take a mermaid to land by Janne

If you take a mermaid to land she will turn into a human.
After she turns into a human she will become interested and want to look around.
Then she will want to eat ice cream and she will say yuck.
We will give her some sushi and she will eat it all.
Then she will go to the beach and build one hundred sand castles.
She will decide that it is time to go back home.

If you take a cat to the pet shop by Hugo W, Lucas and Thomas

If you take a cat to the pet shop
It will kill all of the fish
Then it eats the rats   
Next the mice
Then it will ask for a beard
But the shopkeeper will not give him one              
Then it will consume all the rabbits and bunnies.
He will try out the cat toys, cat play boxes and cat play houses, then eat some of the cat food.   
That is why you should not take a cat to the pet shop.

If you take a penguin to ice skating By Alexandra

If you take a penguin to ice skating it will ask you for ice skates
If  you say yes, it will zoom around like the wind.   
The penguin will get tired
So he will ask for an ice cone
Then he will feel sleepy and will want to go home
On the way home, he will see a boy with a toy in his bag
He will jump on the boy, wanting his toy
The boy will sit down and cry
The penguin will run away and want to go to bed
He will ask for hot chocolate
After the hot chocolate he will be sleepy and go to sleep
The penguin will dream about ice skating.

If you take a dragon to soccer by Caitlyn

If you take a dragon to soccer…
He will ask you for a ball and a ticket.
He would ask if he could play.
If you say yes, he will fly in circles saying                 
yes yes yes!
He would stand on the field flapping his wings.
He will steal the ball and fly away with it.

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