Friday, 1 May 2015

More Personal Writing...

The Jump by Blake

We walked through a jungle of native trees, past lakes and streams to a small lake called The Coffin. I didn't expect what I saw. It was a beautiful small lake and it was ocean blue. My friend said that the lake was full of eels. Dad, my cousin, a friend called Will, me and mum started to climb up the rocky rough track. We had to go across streams and then we arrived at a point where I looked down and there’s a drop that’s about 15 to 16 feet high. My dad thought I wasn’t going to do it, but after a while I said “yolo” and jumped. My friends said they didn’t touch the bottom of the lake when they jumped. But, for some reason I touched the bottom quite hard. The lake was incredibly cold. It was actually more scary in mid air than standing on the rocky cliff. It felt like I was jumping off a skyscraper.    

The playground by Emma M

There it is. On a busy street. The playground. I sprinted  as fast as I could up the path. With a big smile on my face. My first obstacle the bridge. I raced along the bridge, swang across the ropes next the monkey bars. There it was the swirly wurly ladders up to the chains, but first I had to go up and down the ladders. “Here we go”, I said. I put my foot down onto the bars. Eek! I Quickly pulled my foot away. 1  2  3… I slowly lowered my foot down to the bar. Slowly, one foot, then the next. I was so afraid I was going to fall. “You can do it Ems” yelled Dad. One hand then the next, one foot, then the next, one hand then the other. I'm nearly there I said to Mum and Dad. It was getting less swervy now, I was nearly there.
Yay ! Ems you're doing it” yelled Mum. I was lowering myself down the last few steps. 1  2  3 ……
Yay! I did it” I yelled. Now for the going up bit. This will be a piece of cake. I climbed up to the top “Yay, I did it” I say, punching my arms up in to the air.
“Well done Emma” yelled mum.
“That was fun, I’m going to do that again” I announced.

Mum and Dad laughed.

Rugby Training by Manaia

Finally, I got in. Oh no, my group was up next. My heart was beating fast like a car engine. My legs were shaking, my arms were wobbling like jelly. Then we started passing the ball backwards.

I settle in. I say to myself “keep running”. I know that I will become a champion!

Blood by Hugo
There was blood on the wall. I knew it was my brother. There was a sign on the door saying “At the hospital, Leo cut finger”. But I'm still scared. Indian (my cat) accidentally walked through the blood. I’m crying hard, really hard. I waited for Leo to come back. It took an hour for him to return, he was all stitched up.

We were about to sink by Frankie

It was a beautiful sunny  day we had just finished packing up the boat to go back to the beach house, but as soon as we got around the point it was so wavy we could hardly move and the water was just about to turn the boat into a pool. I was so scared my face was trembling with fear. All of a sudden dad turned the boat around and we were heading back to the beach. Then I realised I had forgotten the bag with the dive gear and the towels, oh no!!!.   As soon as we got back to shore, I jumped off the boat, grabbed the bag and jumped back in and off we went back around the point. It took about one hour to get home. After that we were drenched. So we had a hot chocolate and the hottest bath I have ever had in my whole entire life.

Cracking Head by Takehisa

Ouch!! I smashed my head. I put my hand on the wound. When I looked my hand, there was lots of blood. I was loosing a lot of blood. I thought I was having a dream.
Mum looked horrified. She said “there's blood coming out your head!!”
Then I went to the closest hospital. I don’t really know what happened next as I was asleep. I woke up with about 7 stitches in my head. Then I said to myself that I never want to smash my head ever again.

Tumble and Roll by Rory

Mum, Dad, Connor and me were driving to Auckland. We were driving on a mountain. It was really windy and the road was really icy. Suddenly the car skidded off the road and smashed into a tree. Mum broke her arm and dad broke his leg. Connor and me had lots of cuts. Some friendly builders came down and helped. I was terrified at the time, so when I hear the word “car” I feel slightly sick.

The nightmare at Hamilton Zoo by Evelyn

It was a sunny day at Hamilton Zoo. We walked into the avery, and I saw a red and green parrot. I stood as still as a statue and then it happened. The parrot saw me. I think he thought I Was a tree because I was standing so still and my hair looked like a birds nest. He flew down and landed on my head. I could feel his claws scratching against my head, but I couldn't move. I was frozen with fear. I could feel his claws scratching against my head. I knew he was getting ready to jump because his claws were digging into my head, he springed off my head as if it was a trampoline. I saw him fly away into the distance cackling like a witch.  

OH MY GOD!!! By Janne

Rim was a little girl. She was walking across the waterfront. Splash, splash, the water jumped up. Rim stared over the edge. Suddenly she slipped off the edge. She fell into the water. Her arms and legs were flying all over the place before she hit the freezing sea. Aaaaaaaaaaaah  weeeeeeeeeeeee splosh! There was an ugly young looking mermaid. She had long fingernails, blackish greenish long hair, wide eyes and a dark brown tail. The mermaid’s tail slowly moves back and forth to swim. The mermaid tore Rim’s cheek with her fingernails. Rim tried to swim back up. 

The Fall by Anna

The ice cold air whips across my face as I stumble in the ice cold air of this stormy day, I move onwards to the rock.
I’m on the rock, finally.
The wind howls, as I stagger upwards.
The wind is so strong I move about wobbling about everywhere, it feels as if I’m going to fall… but luckily I stay up on the rock.
I’m still wobbling and then I start to fall, falling, falling and falling.
My knee is bursting with red. I close my eyes, I feel dizzy, blackness swirls around, I flicked my eyes open and I wonder did that happen?

Balloon Head by Hunter

I’m charging towards the ball and it’s level with my head. I trip over and miss the ball, BANG! I hit my head on the plank of wood and bounce back to hit the ground. I wriggle like a worm in pain and agony on the fresh summer grass. I’m lying on the ground like a starfish in a big pile of tears. My friends say “Wow Hunter your head looks like a balloon”.        

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  1. Awesome I like how each writing has a mixture of past present future