Friday, 8 May 2015

Peter's Sculptures

This is Peter (he is an artist). Today he came to school to talk to us about some of his art work. He has been inspiring us to think about our own ideas for the art exhibition.
Here are some of his smaller sculptures:
4 Legs & Wheel.jpegSculptures can be all different sizes.

This one to the right is a big one. It looks like it has 3 legs, but it has 4 legs and the wheel is wooden.

wood418.jpeg wood031.jpeg
wood292.jpegThese are made by Peter, my grandad. They used to be logs and my grandad got a handsaw and shaped them.

wood315.jpegThese are some sculptures in his shed that he is working on. (To the right)

These are his big sculptures.

By Jasper

Gretel, "They were inspiring. It was great to see how small they could be with so much detail. I really want to make a tree sculpture."

Eloise, "It was interesting, I liked it when he turned skeletons into artwork."

Frankie, "It was really inspiring seeing old and un-useful things being used for artworks."


  1. Hello,
    I really liked how you made a tree sculpture out of wood and that you have made the sculpture how you want it to be. I also liked how you structured you tree sculpture because, if you see like a normal tree it is boring but the sculpture you have made is not boring because it is different from all of the others. I also have one question to ask, What materials did you use to make the sculpture on the bottom left?

    From Andreas

  2. These are really interesting sculptures!