Thursday, 7 May 2015

Street Art

We are getting ready for our art exhibition by viewing all sorts of different street art. We have brainstormed what we think is graffiti, and what we think is graffiti art. We have found it quite interesting trying to unpack the meaning of the artworks. If you are out and about and see an interesting piece of street art please send us a picture for our inspiration wall.


  1. Hi,

    I am Daisy and I am from the Year 6 All- Stars blog.

    For me art is something that really appeals to us and I love to use it to show our Emotions and Feelings. In Singapore you are not allowed to do graffiti other wise we could be fined and or caned.

    I think some people do graffiti for fun and some do it to express how they feel. In our school we did some art work along time ago where we had stencils of people playing sports or doing activities and we painted/spray painted them onto the wall, we did this about 3 years ago and they are still here!

    To me graffiti is a way to show how you express yourself in a painting. Have you done any graffiti's so far at your school or anywhere else?


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  2. Hello,
    I think it is cool that you get to do art on walls. I also really like the idea that your trying to unpack the meaning of the artworks. Although i do have one question. What did you use to make art on the walls? Spray paint watercolors.
    Either way I think it is a really cool idea of art. I also wish that our school can do something like that for art. Please visit our blog
    - Alexi

  3. Is any of your students planning to do any type of mural or graffiti for your upcoming art exhibition? If so, how would they incoperate your theme?

  4. Are you going to be doing any street art like graffiti. Please comment on us at drivingin4th