Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Camp free time... the Bridge of Doom

Burma Bridge at high speed from Matariki on Vimeo.

You should have seen the children rush into their togs and head helter skelter towards the Bridge of Doom at free time. It was truly inspiring, I knew something exciting was in the air. Such bravery, determination, support, laughter, whoops of delight, feelings of accomplishment, more laughter...

The Bridge is very wobbly, particularly towards the end as I found out when no one was watching. Most of the campers had found that out already, some conquering it easily, others trying gallantly but ending up in the mud.

Watch this slide presentation to see some of the children at work! All persevered really well - congratulations to all - A for effort!

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  1. Lucky ducks! I wish I was at Camp with you all! Looks like lots of fun, hope you all had a wonderful time!!!