Thursday, 3 March 2016

How does a change in environment affect what's in a marine metre squared?

Yesterday we went to Worser Bay beach at high tide and, amongst a lot of other activities, most of us did another marine metre squared investigation. We are learning to be better scientists:
 - there was more focus on inquiring only into the metre squared on this trip (even though there was less to see),
 - the teams worked better together, and
 - all teams were better at using the guide to work out exactly what they were observing and recording that.

We could all see that the tide really affected what we could see on the beach and that different animals and plants inhabit different parts of the beach.

We were also inquiring into the tides and attempted to put up a post that we could observe to see how far up it the tide rose. But nature won the day and the post fell down despite a rescue effort or two... There was quite a big southerly swell on the beach - good for boogie boarding though!.

Thanks to all the parents who came and supported our trip - we couldn't do it without you!

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