Thursday, 3 March 2016

Our Group Writing About Beach Day

Beach Day! Our Reporters Were There!   

On Wednesday the second of March  Worser Bay School senior students went down to the
beach to see what they could see, in the sea, or more specifically in the rock pools and on the
sandy shore.  
They began by putting a marker in the sand to see how far the tide would come in.  Unfortunately that failed because it fell over; the waves knocked it down.  They were too strong and the tide was coming in.
There was a big swell coming in from the Cook Straight through the mouth of the harbour.  It caused massive waves to be crashing on shore. Seaweed, thrown on the beach was clumped up, tangled in large piles.
Sadly the students couldn’t go sailing or kayaking.  As an alternative though they gathered words for poetry writing, went swimming and boogie boarding. People were boogie boarding happily, there was screaming and joyful laughter. Waves were crashing on the sand, making water fly.  People were flying through the air and then falling on the seaweed stack, then would falling about with laughter.   

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