Thursday, 3 March 2016

Picasso Inspired Artworks.

Picasso Inspired Artworks.  Wow! by Louise

We spent FOUR WEEKS working on these paintings which were inspired by Picasso.  The first sessions we spent sketching.  We sketched fast, with our left hands, upside down and with our eyes closed.  We tried to use a thousand lines, loose hands, not to be precious, not to worry, to be relaxed and view the subject through new eyes; capturing what we saw, not what we thought the subject should look like.
Then we chopped up our drawings!  What?  Chopped them up?  Yes, we chopped them up and rearranged them, composing the picture so that it was nicely balanced.
Next we added some colour with pastel and dye, a simple combination with two or three matching colours.
Finally we accentuated the favourite lines with black pen and pastel.

They look amazing! by Hugo W

by Nick


by Emma R

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