Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Shapeshifter Sculpture Trip

It was awesome. As soon as we walked in our minds were blown by the colourful eye-opening sculptures. It was amazing how people made these wonderful artworks in so many different ways.

Kaia - I was astonished by the knitting: it was long, bright pink plastic bags knitted together with massive wooden knitting needles. It made a massive scarf.

Sam Sh - my favourite was the enormous giant drift wood eagle. It inspired me to think about what I can create from driftwood.

Evie - I liked the 'ring my bell' and the 'padlock'. The padlock because I liked looking at it and discovered it was hollow. I liked the bells because they all made different sounds.

Jasper - I really liked the frog because of how it was placed on the side of the stream and how it popped out because of its colour and the Haast eagle because it was made from driftwood.

Flynn - My favourite was the driftwood eagle because it looked exactly like a normal eagle but in a very realistic large version.

Louise - the one that inspired me was the Native Vessel - a long metal stick that came into a blue patterned feather.

Teddy - I liked all the sculptures because they all inspired me because they were all really cool. I'd like to make something like all of them.

Oto - I loved all of the sculptures, they really inspired me to make great artworks.

Milla - I liked the red lock and the keys because it was a bright red colour that really attracted my eye. I liked how the locks were hollow. It was about half the size of me.

We had an idea that we should make metal discs that represent every one of us at Worser Bay school and hang them from a tree as a sign of our community. We're interested in making some driftwood sculptures too, and maybe some sculptures from clay or another material.

Sam Sh, Oto, Teddy: Since we got back we've been wondering about creating a nature pole from scrap metal (to make the flax), wood and something to make a tui out of. It was really cool how we included each other's ideas to come up with this awesome nature sign idea. We're wondering how we would curve the metal to make it look like flax. If you're reading this and have some skills in this area we'd love to have your help.

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