Monday, 14 March 2016

What Can You Do With a Zucchini

What Can You Do With a Zucchini?

I don’t know; what can you do with a Zucchini!  It sounds like a joke doesn’t it but our Zucchini challenge was a very serious matter involving sizzling cheese, bread dough, batters and fire.

We did some research about all the possible uses of Zucchinis.  There are thousands of Zucchini recipes!  And, we invented a few more.  Worser Bay Kids are nothing if not creative!

What was the best part?  Probably the tasting.  Have you ever seen kids so enthusiastic about eating their vegetables?  I think turning things into fritters is a great way to overcome a fear of greens.

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  1. Kia ora John, this is fabulous, Rory has offered to make zucchini fritters for dinner at home, we are all looking forward to trying them!