Thursday, 3 March 2016

What's Going On In Mahutonga Matariki?

What’s Going On in Mahutonga Matariki?
There is always so much happening that sometimes it’s difficult to keep up so to assist you at home and so that you can support what’s happening at school with some of your own home based learning fun, here is a brief rundown of the work due and the activities in progress.
  • Letter to the teacher.  Most students have completed this now but some need a little more time to respond to feedback, correct spelling or answer a few more of the questions contained in the teacher letter.  If you need help here is the link to the Teacher's Letter (questions highlighted in red)
  • Research about a creature which lives in the tidal zone.  We have been doing lots of finding out but many students could do with some extra time reading about their Chosen creatures, online or in books.  It is always helpful to discuss text to help deepen understanding.
  • Marine Metre Squared. One of the really exciting things we are involved with is helping Otago University collect data about the species living in the tidal zone.  We have begun doing this, having had some practice on our Seatoun Beach walk and the yesterday at Worser Bay Beach.  We will give our kids more opportunities to do this but it would be a fantastic thing to do as a family also.  For further information check out the website
  • Preparing for camp.  Please let kids pack their own bags.  They need to know what they have with them so they can learn to take responsibilities.

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