Monday, 14 March 2016

Zucchini Writing

Zucchini Cooking Shared Writing.

(We imagined that we were reporters from the New York Times reporting on the Zucchini cooking at Worser Bay School.)
Reporter from the New York Times on the Zucchini Phone

Smoke rising up, drifting across the playground, children chattering excitedly, a delicious aroma filling the air.  Flames flying high, the smell of charcoal, so strong and sweet you just want to eat.
A pizza oven in the corner of the courtyard has a group of students standing around it. They have their heads down, talking.
Kids run around the corner, there is cheering in the distance.  What are they cheering for? What’s that smell? They come back with green around their mouths.
“John the Zucchinis are sizzling!”
“Let me see,”
“I hope these are going to be nice - I mean we did invent the recipe.”
“Eh, they’ll be fine.”
It's exciting and surprising what's cooking them. A pair of flame powered pizza ovens, mounted on a small structure holding wood. The one that is active is like a furnace. You don’t see that every day.

Today the senior students are cooking up a storm, and the ovens are attracting a lot of attention from the junior pupils. There is discussion, preparing, and cooking galore.  
It all started with the one question: What can you do with a Zucchini?
Students compiled long lists of Zucchini recipes.  There were Zucchini and black bean Quesadillas, Zucchini brownies, Zucchini chocolate cake, ¨Hidden¨ Zucchini pasta, Zucchini  Zucchini pancakes, Oven baked  Zucchini chips,  Zucchini soup, Herb turkey burgers with  Zucchini,  Zucchini parmesan
Zucchini pizza, Zucchini bread, Zucchini juice, Zucchini Quiche, Zucchini with pearl pasta, Zucchini mac and cheese, Ratatouille, Zucchini fries,Tomato and Zucchini bake.
And, Zucchini fritters!  The only thing they didn’t consider was how a Zucchini could be used as a weapon.

Did you know that Zucchinis are biologically fruits but are culinarily treated as vegetables.
Also not many people know that zucchinis can kill people. However, if you have particularly bitter  zucchini, STOP EATING IT IMMEDIATELY! The poison has a bitter taste so if it is bitter there is still hope because you are still alive to taste it!
More fascinating information from our News Team.

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