Thursday, 30 June 2016

Learner Attributes continued

Learner Attributes.

We are continuing to explore the Learner Attributes on a daily basis and talking to each other about them and how we can develop them.  They are displayed in so many amazing ways in the classroom and around the school.

I am a Goal Setter:
This piece by Oto shows the intensity of the Taniwha, focusing on achieving its goals.

I am connected:
Charlie, Arabella, Pippa, Janne and Gemma were yelling, “Look how we are connected!”  A lovely expression of the idea of connection spilling over into the playground.

I am Powerful:
Parker’s poster which is his response to the ideas we have been exploring in Inquiry shows that our students want to express their beliefs about what is right and wrong.  We have been thinking about sustainability from many different points of view.  The theme of protecting our environment, and in particular the marine environment was echoed at this week’s Plastic free Peninsular launch.  It’s great to see we are all involved and willing to take some action to express our views.

I am a Thinker:
Thinkers work with ideas: they create and they reflect and they work in with others to make sure their ideas work. Perry is thinking about his role at Capital E.  

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