Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Research for Inquiry about Balance and Imbalance in Marine Environments.

Research for Inquiry about Balance and Imbalance in Marine Environments.

We have been working with amazing energy exploring the causes and effects of imbalance in marine environments.  We have used Kina as the focus of our study.  It is part of a three day Inquiry focus in which we are going through the whole Inquiry process.   
What have we found out so far?
  • Kina barrens are extensive because of overfishing of species like Snapper, Lucas
  • Marine reserves are places we sea life can’t be taken so that species can reproduce and get back to healthy numbers, Emma R
  • I have discovered a connection between land animals and sea creatures. Wolves in the Yellowstone National Park are like Snapper. The deer are like Kina. The Deer population grew big because the wolves were not there to hunt them-the Kina population grew big because the Snapper weren't there to eat them. The grass is like seaweed.  Since the Wolves weren't there to hunt the Deer, the grass got eaten-since the snapper weren't there to eat the kina the seaweed got eaten. The Wolves moved away-the Snapper are being overfished. When the Wolves were reintroduced the balance was restored.  I am wondering how we can do the same for our fish, Molly A
  • Kina can live for over twenty years, Greer W
  • Kina’s can see in the dark, Hana
  • If you overfish it has disastrous effects, Yasmin
  • Marine reserves have a lot more predators on Kina, Parker
  • One small change in an ecosystem can cause many problems.  Every cause has an effect and then every effect causes another effect.  Emma R

Red sea urchin
The Kina:  Culprit?


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