Thursday, 23 June 2016

Statistical Investigation: How Much Do We Use?

How Much do We Use?

This investigation is looking at how we use resources at Worser Bay School.  We are interested in whether or not we are wasting resources, whether we are becoming more conscious of looking after our environment and whether or not we can do anything to improve the way we use resources.   Everybody is finding information, asking questions, surveying people about their opinions and attitudes so that we can get a full picture of what is happening.  
Investigating the Recyling.  How much paper have we put in the recycling this week?  How was it used?

Some Amazing facts:
  • We use about 950,000 litres of water each year
  • It takes about 10 litres of water to make one sheet of white A4 paper
  • We use about 500,000 sheets of paper each year

We will be sharing some of our results with you next week.

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