Thursday, 28 July 2016

How much do we Use? Statistical Investigation

Statistical Investigation:  How much do we use

At Worser Bay school we have been working on how much we waste as a statistical investigation.
I, Sam  have been working on how much paper we have been wasting we have also found that to make paper you don’t just need trees.

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Waste of paper
13 pieces of paper per student every day at Worser Bay School.  Is that too much?                
                        By Meg, Emma R, Molly, Betty, Raiha and Hayley
Earlier last year the office printed off newsletters for each family. There are 188 people in our school and the newsletter had 4 pages so 4x188=752. so we now use technology because that wasted too much paper.
  • We found out that the school orders 200 boxes of paper per year and in each box there is 5 reams of paper. In each realm there is 500 pieces of paper.
  • Adding all those numbers together it is 5x500=2500x200=500,000.
  • We wanted to find out how much paper each child uses everyday per year.
  • There are 188 kids in our school and 200 school days a year.   
  • 500,000 divided by 188=2659 divided by 200=13. So that means we use 13 pieces of paper per student every day at Worser Bay School.  Is that too much?                                                         
  • That is at least 17 trees a year used for only 2 photocopiers.
  • Trees produce oxygen which makes us breath. Trees are a crucial element in the human life form.
  • People need to understand that more than 1 million trees are going to waste just for paper!.
  • There should be a limit of paper to use each day. If we reduce this amount of paper we can make a difference.
  • Usually people print off a piece of paper to read out in assembly and never use that piece of paper again. But we can reduce this amount by just using our books or technology.                         
  • We use 200 boxes each year throughout the whole school. There are 5 reams of paper in each box and 500 pieces of paper in each ream. We found out that there are 500,000 pieces of paper being bought in for the school. We counted how much paper is in all the classes from there work books and there was 26000, 74800 and 76800 paper being used in the classes in books. So 500,000+26000+74800+76800= 677600.
If you usually get a fresh piece of paper STOP because you can just use a scrap or another side of the paper that has been used.                                                                                             
If you draw or write something that you didn’t like or make a mistake don’t just go put it the bin, reuse it.

Encourage your teachers to present more work in digital formats.

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