Friday, 9 September 2016

Interzone Swimming

Interzones swimming!

On Tuesday we went to Interzones swimming. We were so excited that we had got through! As we took our seats, waiting for our turn, butterflies appeared in our tummies. We listened, as the first stroke was called up, 50m freestyle. She was ready to jump up and GO.

She was walking down to the pool getting ready with a towel around her.
As she got put in her heat group waiting till her race, one girl was trying to see where the other was!

Then the magic happens, her race was up. She got ready and got in position.Off she went! Coming second at the moment and then finished in second place. But then she realised that she got into the finals!

We were both really happy!

(to be continued... check in later to hear about the 25m butterfly race)

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