Thursday, 27 October 2016

Business ideas

After Jason had come in and spoken to us today about how he gets his ideas for new businesses, we thought about what ideas and skills we have that we could use to earn some money. We thought about what we could make and sell, and also what skills we had that we could use to perform a service for someone.

After a brainstorm in small groups, here are some of our ideas:
 - smoking fish
 - drawing
 - real fruit ice cream
 - art
 -  doing gardening
 - dollhouse
 - designing
 - soft drinks
 - doing cleaning
 - cupcakes
 -  pottery
 - football club
 - bath bombs
 - gmynastics lessons
 - hot chocolates
 - plants
 - football coaching
 - hairties
 - making putty/slime
 - drawing comics

What a talented bunch! Watch this space to see what we do...

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