Friday, 28 October 2016

Thinking Creatively About Business With Jason

Jason came in to talk to us about how he uses his creative ideas to develop business ideas.  
We asked Jason questions we had thought about before, about the ideas which go into making a good business. He told us that he got sick of giving his good ideas away to other people and so decided to follow through and develop some of these ideas himself.  That is how he has ended up involved in so many different things.  He said he has a short attention span so likes to be involved in lots of different things.  
“I will touch a project at the start and at the end but don’t do much of the work in the middle”
Sounds great!  Some of the other things Jason said were:

The thing I’ve learnt in business most is that timing is everything. Timing is everything! The way you know the timing is right is by listening. I’m not a great talker but I’m a good listener.  By doing that I can work out what the problems are, what the problems people are facing and if it is a lot of people then we’ll set up a business.
When asked if his new business Dot Loves Data was a ‘want or a need’ he said that it was a need.  “There’s lot’s of data out there and people need to understand it.  Everybody is talking about data, there is a huge need for it and a huge want for it. Data can help play a part in tackling issues like obesity.”
It’s amazing to think that data packages they sell can do things as diverse as predicting the amount of customers a restaurant might cater to on any given night, how many hot meals they will sell and on the other hand, how many people will turn up to Wellington Zoo.
“I think in business and anything you are doing you should always looks to make improvements.  That’s the thing that’s exciting.”
When asked what his business would be like in the future? Jason said, “Someone else will be running it.  I will be sitting back, playing golf!”
It is great to see somebody who is thinking creatively and doing so much with it!  
Thanks Jason!

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