Friday, 21 October 2016



Each week, we will be working in different groups to get ready for next year. Year 3 students came to Matariki and Mahutonga and spent some time reconnecting and getting to know the people, the teachers and the space. Today in our transition time we did an experiment:


Leola: It is going to make a rainbow.

Alastair: The colours will mix together in different shapes.

Nela: the milk will change colour.

Lily Ji: I think it will explode.

Rim: I thought it would turn brown.

Elliot: It will swirl around the bowl because of the chemical.

This is what we think about transition:

Georgina: It was fun and I like connecting with the people in Mahutonga.

Eva: It is fun. We meet new people and we get to do experiments.

Eden: I liked working with new people in a new space.

Liam: I thought that it was fun. It’s good to make new friends and get to know the space more. Next year I will know what to do when I am in the seniors.

Talia: It is helpful because next year we will know other people. We know who we can play with and we might make new friends.

Lily Ji: I really like "wake up your brain". It really does wake up my brain.

Ridley: It is good because we did experiments and milk spread into different colours.

Katherine: We got to know the space more.

Kirsty: It was fun. It is helpful for next year because we get to work with new people.

Matilda: I like transition time. I like to choose what to do for exercise. Drama was really fun.

Ruby: I really like it. Yoga was really fun.

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