Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Messages to Tangaroa

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We have been writing about what Tangaroa, the God of the Sea, would say, or what we'd like to say to Tangaroa, given the state of our oceans.

Here are some of our responses:

Tangaroa would say:

These pesky Humans,
Ruining my ocean with this so called plastic,
Crafts that float over my sea,
They eat my citizens,
They eat everything,
Someone needs to teach these humans how to be,
My soldiers my Merpeople are ready to strike,
If they come down, they’ll get a bite!
All the problems are caused by humans,


Dear humans.
I am sorry to say that the sea bed has risen about 2 meters.
A lot of shellfish are dying and other fish numbers are slowly going down.
I will do my best to get all shellfish and other fish back into the sea again.
But not only has the risen seabed killed fish and stuff, but pollution and plastic in the ocean causing more fish to die.
Once again I will try my best to keep plastic and rubbish out of the sea so we can have healthy sea life again.
If you want to help keep the ocean healthy to (you can!) All you have to do is buy as less plastic as possible.
Just reduce,reuse and recycle.
Stop getting plastic bags and other things you do not really need that involves plastic.
This is how to help save the earth.
From Tangaroa.

By Stephanie

Dear people,
I get that some of you protect our oceans, so I'll start on a positive note, thank you for reducing plastic and helping the sea! Unfortunately, that’s all the optimistic stuff.

I just can’t believe some of you! Your litter is destroying everything in our sea! I hope next time you’ll think twice before littering.

That’s not the only problem, overfishing is even worse! Innocent sea creatures being killed to suit people’s greed, you are disgraceful! Please use the feedback in this letter.


       Tangaroa (by Liv)

Dear Humans,
Don’t you dare throw another piece of your stinky, rotten plastic into my home! How am I supposed to protect the sea life! It tricks my children into thinking it’s a bit of jellyfish or something, not to mention all the poor seabirds.

And also, you keep fishing and fishing and fishing day and night. I mean, how are my children supposed to breed and remain balanced. Only keep what you need or even better, invent something to prevent bycatch. You’d better act fast or I will demolish you all with my tsunamis and high waves!!!

Tangaroa (By Jan)

Tena koutou Aotearoa.
You have been disrespecting the tahuaroa now you stop or I start.
Your boats will turn into shipwrecks and every one will be scared of my power.
As my whanaungatanga will spread and scatter, hunt, searching you down and if you still let out that horrible stuff into my ocean I will start a nguna.
 I know you think i'm the problem but look at what you are doing to me. 

All that bycatch is killing more more more and more fish but there is a way to not kill my tamariki whāngai by using rope and hook it hurts them but doesn't kill all of them.

By Sam Sh

Monday, 21 November 2016

Business Time - Our Market Place

 We had our Market Place on Friday afternoon and it was wonderful to see everyone selling their products with pride. There has been lots of learning along the way and we've been really impressed with the collaboration, creativity and financial understanding that the children have demonstrated. The whole school community supported the event and the junior school learned about choices involved in spending money. There was plenty of powerful learning - resilience and perseverance, as well as celebration.

Alexs' cookies - "Business day was really fun; we learned how to make a profit and how we can see our products. We felt really good that we sold all our cookies. We were very surprised at how much profit we made." - Alex G, Alex B and Alex P

Fizz Wizards - "We enjoyed the opportunity to experience what it's like to run our own business. I thought that it went really well and I enjoyed it.  We learned that it's better to have more stock than you need because when you run out you can't make any more sales. We ran out. It was good, I liked that a lot of people were buying our lemonade. It went better than I expected because more people liked our product, it was really tasty!" - Chester, Blake, Teddy

Tea Tree - "It was a good experience to learn about profit and supply and demand. You have to think about the idea and who you're selling it to. If you make it cheaply it's better for you but the quality isn't so good, so it's best to make it good quality. I want to do this kind of thing more often. Ours was cheap because we used lots of things like mint from our garden. It was a good learning opportunity because we were taking a risk and we weren't sure if we would succeed." - Isaac and Hugo M

Pencils and Paintbrushes - "I learnt that sometimes you make a lot but then you have to make some more. Since it was art we had to make more and more so we wouldn't run out. Sometimes if you're not selling something that people want you can make it for them." Jessie, Charlotte, Bethen, Caitlyn

Friday, 18 November 2016

New Road Patrol Schedule

Road Patrol- 2016 (November/December)         
Morning please be on patrol at 8.45am
Afternoon please be on patrol at 2.55pm


Hugo M


Alex B


Emma R









Sam St


Ben Bl
Hugo W
Sam Sh

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Year 6 School Leavers

School Leavers File:Google docs.png

Children will be able to  download a copy of their documents from their school Google Apps accounts using Google Takeout as a means to allow them to easily transfer a copy of all of their content from their school account to their own account.

Children will need to:
  1. Log into their school gmail account
  2. When they are logged in, click here: Google Takeout
  3. Select what you would like to download
  4. Click on “Create Archive”
  5. A file will be downloaded onto your computer

Children will no longer have access to their Google Accounts after the 18th December.
If you have any questions please speak with Steph.

  1. Sign into your Parent/ Student account at https://app.seesaw.me
  2. Click on your Profile Icon on the top left
  3. Click on the Gear Icon
  4. Click on Account Settings
  5. Click on Download Journal Archives
  6. Click on the Download Zip button to download the archive to your computer.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Chalk day

 A huge shout out to the Social Group on the Student Council who organised today's Chalk Day at lunchtime. It was heaps of fun and very creative. Thanks!

Market Day Terrariums

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Advertising for Market Place... the PopCream group

Anyone feel like real fruit ice cream or popcorn?

Market Place: pre-orders for lunch this Friday

As part of our Senior Market Place this Friday from 1-3:30pm we have some industrious groups of students making food that can be pre-ordered for lunch. Please complete the order form below to purchase a burger or hot dog. On the day your child/ren will just need to bring their money along and pick up their delicious order. (Of course we realise some of you will have already ordered sushi).

There will be a lot of other food and drink items as well as art items (anime portraits, graffiti art, decorated pencils, doodles, craft classes, etc) available for purchase on Friday - see the Matariki Mahutonga blog for details of some of the items available.

Burgers Bois:
We are going to be serving delicious beef burgers for $4. The burger fillings will be lettuce, tomato sauce, mustard, mayo, cheese and of course a barbecued pattie.

Big Bite Hot Dogs:
We are going to be serving hot dogs for $3 dollars each. A bread roll and a frankfurter with optional toppings of tomato sauce, mustard and fried onions.

Real Fruit Ice Cream:
We have mixed berry ice cream available in cups, priced at only 1 scoop for $2.50 and two scoops for $3.50.

Cinnamon Doughnuts:
Come and grab a huge homemade doughnut for only $2.

Alexs’ Cookies:
We’re selling M&M cookies and chocolate chip cookies for $1 each, with a special price of $2 for three cookies. Make this your afternoon tea!

Please see below for the form to sign up:

Thank you for your support!

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Treasure Island Fair

A huge "Thank You" to our wonderful Worser Bay community for helping us to make this an amazing event!

WBS Fair 2016 Children's Movie Trailer