Monday, 21 November 2016

Business Time - Our Market Place

 We had our Market Place on Friday afternoon and it was wonderful to see everyone selling their products with pride. There has been lots of learning along the way and we've been really impressed with the collaboration, creativity and financial understanding that the children have demonstrated. The whole school community supported the event and the junior school learned about choices involved in spending money. There was plenty of powerful learning - resilience and perseverance, as well as celebration.

Alexs' cookies - "Business day was really fun; we learned how to make a profit and how we can see our products. We felt really good that we sold all our cookies. We were very surprised at how much profit we made." - Alex G, Alex B and Alex P

Fizz Wizards - "We enjoyed the opportunity to experience what it's like to run our own business. I thought that it went really well and I enjoyed it.  We learned that it's better to have more stock than you need because when you run out you can't make any more sales. We ran out. It was good, I liked that a lot of people were buying our lemonade. It went better than I expected because more people liked our product, it was really tasty!" - Chester, Blake, Teddy

Tea Tree - "It was a good experience to learn about profit and supply and demand. You have to think about the idea and who you're selling it to. If you make it cheaply it's better for you but the quality isn't so good, so it's best to make it good quality. I want to do this kind of thing more often. Ours was cheap because we used lots of things like mint from our garden. It was a good learning opportunity because we were taking a risk and we weren't sure if we would succeed." - Isaac and Hugo M

Pencils and Paintbrushes - "I learnt that sometimes you make a lot but then you have to make some more. Since it was art we had to make more and more so we wouldn't run out. Sometimes if you're not selling something that people want you can make it for them." Jessie, Charlotte, Bethen, Caitlyn

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