Thursday, 17 November 2016

Year 6 School Leavers

School Leavers File:Google docs.png

Children will be able to  download a copy of their documents from their school Google Apps accounts using Google Takeout as a means to allow them to easily transfer a copy of all of their content from their school account to their own account.

Children will need to:
  1. Log into their school gmail account
  2. When they are logged in, click here: Google Takeout
  3. Select what you would like to download
  4. Click on “Create Archive”
  5. A file will be downloaded onto your computer

Children will no longer have access to their Google Accounts after the 18th December.
If you have any questions please speak with Steph.

  1. Sign into your Parent/ Student account at
  2. Click on your Profile Icon on the top left
  3. Click on the Gear Icon
  4. Click on Account Settings
  5. Click on Download Journal Archives
  6. Click on the Download Zip button to download the archive to your computer.

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