Monday, 12 December 2016

Kaitiaki - beach clean up

We went to Worser Bay Beach and did a rubbish clean up this morning. We headed north over the rocks and explored as we searched for rubbish.

We walked across the rocks and collected rubbish.  We found lots of plastic, glass, jandals and some band aids. There was less rubbish than we expected but we still picked up quite a bit. We looked at all the amazing nature around us: we found lots of cool creatures: big ones as well like starfish, jellyfish, snails, crabs and kina. We saw lots of different types of algae and found cool rocks ("crocks") with different patterns and colours in them. - Evie and Charlie

When we were climbing the rocks they were really really high and I didn't really like the height at first but then I got used to it and it was fun. - Charlotte

It was like rock climbing except the ground was really hard. I found very big shells that were really cool. They had holes in them that were about the size of a medium fish. - Caitlynn

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