Friday, 31 March 2017


 Wow! What a time. The sun shone, the challenges kept coming - some new ones this year like the super fox and the treetops.

"The campfire was fun apart from all the actions for songs. The treetops was pretty fun because you could hang or walk on the wire." - Thomas
I enjoyed treetops and the bridge of doom because the bridge of doom was challenging and treetops you get to float in the air" - Parker
"I liked the bridge of doom because it was a big challenge and if you didn't get it the first time you got wet and that's how you'd be if you kept trying." - Peter
"I liked the challenges and the shelter building because it was fun and we took turns to build it." - Matilda
"I liked the abseiling: I was scared at the beginning and I persevered through it."

Gabrielle got sick, John got injured, Hamish saved the day (and made the night fun with Sardines), Jude had two days at camp. A camp full of surprises and happy memories. Thanks to Deb, Steve and Steve for your good spirits, caring and playful attitude.

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