Friday, 17 March 2017

Highlights this week

This week I liked……
Doing alien addition in maths, writing, and student council with Greer. That´s what I really liked this week.
By Milla

This week I liked….
Basic facts because I think I am improving every time. Another highlight was student council because lots of people are loving jump jam.
By Lucie

My highlights of this week are…..
Doing typing in rotation time,  and doing lots of super cool, amazing, great art.
By Yasmin

This week….
I liked doing the photosynthesis.
I really liked doing Basic facts cause I'm getting really good at them.
I liked doing the lizards cause I learned a lot of things about lizards.
By Alex P

This week I enjoyed....

Doing Maori art, and learning Maori with John. I also enjoyed maths this week and learning my 7 times tables. Student Council was cool.
By Leola

This week....

I learned my 6 times tables! I have been practicing at home.
By Daisy

This week....

I enjoyed doing Art.
By Izar

This week I enjoyed

being a PAL and playing with Autahi after Lunch.
By Eden

This week I enjoyed....

playing on the mats at lunch time!
By Talia

My highlight of the week was

Learning Spanish in our languages block on Friday!
By Maddie

This week I enjoyed...

doing Jump Jam at lunchtime with the PALS.
By Greer

This week my highlight was...

Maths and student council doing the ICT management.
By Ridley

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