Thursday, 30 March 2017

Naughty Pet stories transformed into Poems

We used the stories we created last week to make poems. The challenge was to create 2 stanzas, with four lines each. Have a read!

I have a guinea pig called Fug yay
He came to destroy me one day AHH!
I thought how could this be possible  
No no no how am I supposed to survive.

But then his army turned to rats
but it was such a big pack you know
Then they all went down to the sewers
Well I thought that was not so bad.
By Flynn

My dog is a really naughty dog.
He is a deadly dog he hunts food.
He has black eyes they look like buttons.
His type of dog is a yorkie dog

One night i left the door open
He snuck out that night to hunt for meat
The next day i saw a pile of food
I saw my dog eat the pile of meat
By Caitlynn

My puppy might be innocent but
He is actually not because he
Makes the noisiest sound with his toy
The toy is a red rubber chicken.

He squeaks it and squeaks it everyday
He is a black border collie puppy
I wanted to put him in the bin
I don’t want this to happen again.
By Kate

My Kittens
My cats are black they had some kittens.
The kittens woke me at 5am.
I really wanted revenge for that.
But they were still sweet to me for that.

My mum was furious I was sad.
She was tied up and made a big gulp.
She cried and cried for all her pillows.
She was really angry and shouted.
By Eden

A brown Cavalier Spaniel,
Saffy was its name,
He liked to eat soapy bubbles,
And play a good game,
He liked to trip me over when I was just 3 and that was a problem for me,

he liked to lick my face with a slobbery lick.
And with that he was gone,
Now he’s just a happy memory
running through my brain,
But Saffy was amazing and I still smile with glee
By Milla

My Dog
My dog was the best until he tried
To Turn on me and tried to destroy
Me with a giant food fight i said
How could this be it was just so wrong

I Fought him with my banana gun
And super potato bazooka
I fought back and they retreated scared
I won the fight victorious yay!!
By Rylan

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