Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Our Naughtiest Pets

This week we in writing we have been describing our naughty pets. We have been focussing on using describing words, and editing our work to improve it.
Our next step is to pull out the main ideas from our stories and turn them into poems. Stay tuned to see our poems!

Liquorice, the naughty cat. Her white sharp whiskers shine into the room. “Who's that?” Hunter yelled. I don't know she just came in, I think she is the neighbours. She pounced in, scurried up and tried to give the fish a heart attack. She then scattered back down shredding the new couch and eating Toby´s cat food. “It´s time for dinner!” As I pick her up she starts scratching my cheek. We eat our food and she thumps on the cat door. Mum lets her in. “Oh”, me and Hunter sigh. She starts eating our dinner and goes outside and she comes back in with rats, which you wouldn’t believe are alive! Liquorice drops them on the ground, then scurries away. Where did she go? She has gone, yay! I hate Liquorice, I am furious!
By Greer W.

Jack the cat
One day Merrin, (my next door neighbour) was having a bath at her house. Just relaxing, until Jack the cat stepped in bringing with him a struggling Gecko...Then she screamed “Ahhhh Nancy Nancy” but Nancy (Merrins daughter) did not reply.Then Jack the cat bit off the tail it was like this - wiggle wiggle wiggle. She screamed her head off this time! Jack the cat ate the Gecko body, leaving the wiggling tail waiting to wiggle its way out!
By Daisy

The cheeky cat Indy
My nana's cat Indy was cheeky, sneaky and very funny. She was black and grey and had different colored eyes. She wonders quite a lot. In the morning she pounced. Over the fence, the next door neighbour’s window was open and I guess in Indy’s mind she said “this is my chance”.

She shot herself through the window and shredded the curtain into pieces. Then the lady of the house saw Indy and threw her out the window.

I saw is as I was racing down the yard. The lady yelled get that nasty cat away from my house.

So i told my nana and she had to pay for the damage indy did. Me and my nana was

Furious at Indy. It was now nighttime and Indy was walking on the street (like always).

Out of nowhere a ginger cat pounced on indy and bit her ear then indy ran as fast as she could and cuddled up with me then and had a good night sleep.
By Eva

Bad boy dog!
One day I was watching tv. My dog Dave, who is a chocolate labrador, went over to the next door neighbors. He snuck a piece of lamb! And took it home. Dave is a very naughty boy but the next day what he did was very naughty. He snuck out to the farm 5m’s away and stole a big cow,I was very Mad!   
By Tommy

My Cat Crete, by Ari

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