Thursday, 23 March 2017

Poetry using Rain by Hone Tuwhare as a model

We listened to Hone Tuwhare reading his poem Rain and then used it as a model to write our own poems. There were some very creative ideas.

Here is some of our work:

Ocean    by Hayley

I hear you  breathing
With the sound of

If i were deaf
I would feel your craze
Through your deep dark waves

But if i was blind
I would definitely know you by your
Salty olive vine

The unique smell of your waves
will drift on for
Many days

But if i don't hear ,smell, feel or even  taste you
I know you will treasure me in the deep
Sea waves.

   Windy day
As you lift me up I can feel you when you coil your sound across the universe
I can see you with your calm warnings
I can hear you as your whistles take over the world.
By Griffin


I hear you surrounding me, whistling in my ear, pushing me through the air.
I can feel your biggest fear, I see you wrestling the trees.
If I were deaf I would feel a push of silent air.
The taste  of summer , freshness of air .
You will define me in the air, pushing my hair over the trees and winding air of silent wind through me.

By Greer T

Wind pushing me around it feels like
I’m flying through the air.

I hear you sneaking through the trees
Then you ambush me pushing me over
fighting to keep me on the ground.

By Adam

   Waves    by Kirsty
You crash against  the rocks.
For if I was blind I would hear you.
Sometimes you’re calm and gentle,
If i was deaf i could feel you, to guide
My way.
Sometimes you grow big and cause a tsunami
That I could taste you to guide my way home.

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