Friday, 10 March 2017

Rogoa? Kai? Exploring the Realm of Tane!

Rongoa? Kai?

Can you eat it? Is it good for you?  Will it cure your tummy ache?

We have begun exploring the Native Trees within our school grounds which can be either used as a medicine (Rongoa) or for food (Kai).  Our keen detectives have been identifying plant species using their powers of observation and research to name the plants and find out how they can benefit us.  

The realm of Tane is the forest, the forest which feeds and sustain us and because of this there is great respect shown for all the living things in the forest, from the mightiest tree to the most humble insect.  We are also learning about sustainable practices when harvesting from the forest.  We are the Kaitiaki of our school site and we are the Kaitiaki of our natural environment.

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