Thursday, 30 March 2017


The Super fox is a 150 metre flying fox that we got to go on at camp. Here is some writing of my scary experience!

As we were putting harnesses on to do the Super Fox I felt a little pop in my tummy which let me know I would be nervous.
When we started walking up the hill we were trying to work out who would go first, second and third (Chester went first as he carried the harnesses up, and I was going to go second!)

I stepped up, once the man clipped me in. I sat in my harness about to get pushed off. I felt nerves and was about to scream when he pushed me off. I realised that is was not scary and there was no need to scream, but it was really high. I was wondering if I would make it to the end and not fall back into the middle, but John caught me. I could hear people at the platform saying, "yay, good on you!". I felt good.

By Molly J

Here are some pictures of other people at the end of the SUPER FOX!

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