Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Binary Numbers

What are Binary Numbers?

Binary numbers are the way computers think. Computers only think by using 1’s and 0’s. imagine that! Only using 1’s and 0’s to think!

Well Binary numbers are simple, binary numbers only use 1’s and 0’s, this is similar to barcodes right? Yes, but the calculations are different.

So if you want to make a 1 then you’ll have to have a code, so here our code will be 00001 and that will = 1.

If you look at the example. The 0 is turned off and the 1 is turned on. We are going to show you some of the possible codes.
There are a lot of codes. (too many it made our brains hurt but that is ok as we know that challenges grow our brains.) Here are 10 of them:
00000 =0.
00001 = 1.    00010 = 2.
00011 = 3.    00100 = 4.
00101 = 5.    00110 = 6.
00111 = 7.    01000 = 8.
01001 = 9.    01010 = 10.
If you haven’t already guessed the pattern we’ll tell you. So if you have already seen that the 1 keeps on moving. If you got that you’re right.

By Leola and Alex P

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