Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Grow your mind day - Gabrielle and Susie's base groups

 We had a wonderful Grow Your Mind Day yesterday with many of our parents and students running workshops to teach others some different skills. Gabrielle and Susie's base groups worked together with some students from Autahi as part of our continuing emphasis on all children in the school having the opportunity to work together from time to time.

We were very fortunate to have parents come in to run workshops on:
 - poi making
 - playing ukeleles
 - sewing monsters and hearts
 - African dance (with a drumming ensemble)
 - crocheting
 - learning about pingao grass. Gabrielle also ran a workshop on sketching in a grow your mind way, including sketching with the hand you don't normally write with, and with your eyes closed.

Many students ran workshops, including workshops on Dutch language, coding, using google drawings, playing football, gymnastics and playing the violin.

Everyone really appreciated the opportunity to try new things. Thanks so much to those parents who came in and helped and to the senior students who showed leadership by running workshops. Senior students will all be running workshops for each other on Thursday as this was such a success.


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