Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Memoirs from camp

All of the seniors have been writing memoirs, describing a specific moment in time at camp. Have a read!

I see the superfox high above the trees.
I’ve got my harness on and ready to go up to the superfox with the rest of my group.
As we go up there, the big tall dark and light green trees surround me.
I fall to the back of my group.
Then I run to the middle of my group.
I cross a stream stepping on rocks.
Then we come to a bridge made out of logs, I stop in surprise, then I slowly put one foot on then another and slowly I walk across expecting to fall into the muddy yucky water below.
Few! I say as I come off the other side of the bridge.
We climb up a hill to the beginning of the superfox.
Our instructor shows us the thing we will go down on.
Caitlynn H goes first then Bethen then Zach then finally me.
I step onto the platform holding a trollEy, our instructor clips the trolley to the line.
Then she clips me onto the trolley and I’m ready to go, “54321!” shouts the rest of my group.
I get a boost and I’m off.
I fly through the treetops, as I come to the end, Anna runs up and takes a photo with her mouth wide open.
Then she drags me to the end and I climb down.
I take the trolley around my neck and I run/walk back up.
The rest of my group go down and then it is time for second times I go down again and I don’t go fast enough and I get stuck, Anna uses the rescue rope and rescues me I grab the rope and Anna pulls me back and I walk back up “phew!” I say again!
By Stephanie Hayes

When I was hut building we had heaps of materials flax,sticks,logs,rocks. It was fun till STOP!!! Called the instructor my heart was beating like lightning. I thought we weren't done but we were done. What a relief. Our hut looked like a teepee.   
By Hunter. R

My three fingers, clenched on the bows string.
I stare at the bullseye, aiming the sharp arrow.
I hear cicadas screaming in the grassy fields.
I feel determined.
“I am ready,” I think to myself.
I breathe in, and pull the string even further back.
Then I breathe out, and release the string.
By Alex. B

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