Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Zealandia's new game

Darren from Zealandia came in today to introduce us to a new game that the team at Zealandia is developing together with students from lots of schools. He left us each with a card that shows a bird found in New Zealand and tells us some key information about it, like how rare it is and how it flies. He has challenged us to make our own cards about:
 - a bird found in New Zealand,
 - a special place in New Zealand or
 - an event (good or bad) affecting New Zealand's birds.

He also left us with some tracking pads so we can see what kind of animals are in our backyard - are they animals we want, like native birds and lizards, ora animals we don't want like rats and possums?

We looked at some old style traps and talked about how the new traps we have are much more humane as they kill the animals swiftly and don't leave them hurt and suffering.

Thanks Darren. We're looking forward to your visiting again next week and telling us more about how the new game works.

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  1. I wonder how they knew how to have the idea?