Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Can you Draw the Wind?

We have been enjoying having Neil Sumner working with us over the last few weeks.  Neil is an experienced teacher who is upgrading his qualifications and is someone we have seen a lot of in the past few years.  Neil’s strengths in the teaching of Art, Poetry and Design are well known to us but he has also had the opportunity to show his expertise planning across the curriculum when teaching in Maths and Literacy.
To initiate our thinking around harnessing the wind for sculptural ideas Neil asked the students to visualise the wind and then draw it.  It was something which Len Lye did when living in Wellington as he was studying Art.  He did a pretty good job of it and we think our kids have done a remarkable job too. Neil took these photos.
by Theo

by Rico

by Jan

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  1. Since it's invisible until it moves something, those are some really neat representations of the wind! I like how each one shows movement even though it's a 2D image.