Thursday, 18 May 2017

Planting the Sand Dunes at Worser Bay Beach.

We transformed the dunes in a very short amount of time!

On Wednesday we went to the beach to assist the City Council staff planting 3,000 Pingao and Spinifex.  The dunes have taken a bit of a hammering in recent months and the sand is often blowing across the road.  
Sand dunes are a really important and unique ecosystem and in this time of extreme weather events, need extra work to be restored.  We see it as really important work, part of our bigger picture curriculum focus on sustainability and, it’s good for the soul to get outside in the drizzle and do some hard labour!  
The adage that ‘many hands make light work’ was apparent as we dug holes, fertilized and planted.  In a short space of time the dunes were transformed as the above photo attests.  
Everybody was a part of a team, some taking the role of Digger, Fertilizer etc.  I heard one group near by who had a Stomper.  I wonder what they were stomping on?  We are taking a really close look at the attributes of an effective collaborator.  This was a good occasion to see rich collaboration in action.
Good work for the soul!   

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