Friday, 26 May 2017

Weather Poem: reading with our friends from South Taranaki

Today we read a poem with a reading group from Auroa Primary School. We read a tounge twister poem about the weather. Our school focus this term is about being connected and we are enjoying connecting with our friends in South Taranaki.

Weather - Poem by Eve Merriam

Dot a dot dot dot a dot dot
Spotting the windowpane.

Spack a spack speck flick a flack fleck
Freckling the windowpane.

A spatter a scatter a wet cat a clatter
A splatter a rumble outside.

Umbrella umbrella umbrella umbrella
Bumbershoot barrel of rain.

Slosh a galosh slosh a galosh
Slither and slather a glide

A puddle a jump a puddle a jump
A puddle a jump puddle splosh

A juddle a pump a luddle a dump

A pudmuddle jump in and slide!

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