Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Wind Sculpture Walk.

Wind Sculpture Walk

A crazy wind was blowing……but we’re not scared.

We went looking for wind and, man, did we find it!
It is all part of getting inspired for our ‘Wind Power’ Inquiry. Looking at the sculptures along Cobham drive, seeing how they move, figuring out how they work and asking questions about how and why the works were created.
Back and forward it bends trembling, like the mast on a tall ship.

The wind

I felt the wind go past my face
The leaves were dancing in disgrace
I was in the alley where the wind rushed by
I heard it echo down the chimney  
The boat was leaning and the sail was slick
I was biking with a gust on my back
The corn was bowing as the howl arrived  

by Chester

I hear you howl at my door.
I fell you freezing breath pass over me.
I see you shaking the tree’s like a rattle.
I taste the gravel as you pass me.
I smell the dirt you pulled up from the ground.
You are invincible, invisible, unstoppable.

by Arabella

Looking up at a giant and the clouds make you dizzy.

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