Thursday, 18 April 2013

How can we influence change?

For our home work we were asked to find out about someone who used their power to influence positive change.

We then went on to compare and contrast some of these people. We asked how they were able to influence change and what they had to do to achieve their goals.

We also looked at ordinary people who have done extraordinary things. One example was the people in Christchurch who helped out after the Earthquake. We decided that we don’t have to be a hero to act heroically.

We asked ourselves “How do we get change to happen if we believe that things are unfair or wrong? We came up with a Map of Change!

We came up with some problems relating to issues that affect us around school. Next, we asked a question to see if others thought that it was a problem. 

At the moment some of us are carrying out a statistical investigation. WATCH THIS SPACE!

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