Monday, 8 April 2013

Ordinary People that do Extraordinary things...

Your homework this week is to find out about ordinary people who have done extraordinary things. 

Click here to find out about the people who helped to clear up Christchurch after the earthquake...

How are these people extraordinary?

How are they powerful? 

What type of power did they use? (John)

How do they use their power? 

Why would these people do what they did? (Nea)

What did they do to use their power? (Rebecca)


  1. Many hands make light work- Frankie

  2. The people didn't do it for the reward- they did it for the people. Leila

    they used their initiative- Joe

    They felt guilty- Ian

  3. The army helped out with the earthquake because they helped to fix up the town- Billy/ Jack K

    They joined together to make a difference. Power in numbers. Leo

  4. They made groups of people and then some other people sent their groups out to their working place so that they could fix the town more quickly.- Tom

  5. These people used there power in a good way because thay helped people thay don't know and olso thay mite of helped relatives.-felix

  6. these people used there power in a good way thay helped people make there gadens how thay were before-felix