Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Worser Bay Walk by Jack H and Connor

Worser Bay Walk- Getting Prepared for Camp! on PhotoPeach

THE WALK by George 

On Monday the Year 4-5-6 children went for a walk, down past Seatoun School for a trial to do the 3 hour walk at camp. It was a hot and beautiful. Here are some words of wisdom about the walk: 

  • A bit too easy but still enjoyable. Jack M 
  • Pretty good we got to go to a lot of different places with my friends. Chanel 
  • AWESOME!! and great view of the sea. Blake 
  • It was BRILLIANT!!!! I got to be the 1st aid man and it was great exercise. George 

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  1. What a fantastic walk. I am very excited about camp. Nic