Sunday, 30 November 2014

Before Sunrise

A silent fairy tale set in a quaint village in the dead of night.  While everyone sleeps, shadows come alive and dance and play in the moonlight.  But one shadow longs for something more meaningful. While walking across the rooftops, he spots a light in a distant window...


The shadows watch you while you sleep.
Speaking horrors to your fragile  dreamscape.
Sweet melodies turn to harsh clashes.
Thunder stricken by the screams.
Unable to run.
Unable to stand.
Utterly Frozen.
They’re spinning in your head.
Some unbreakable, others as thick as a single thread.
Something’s in the corner.
Or is it under the bed?
There’s a hand on your ankle.
Pulling you down into the darkness.
Swirling colors of black and blue.
Fear spiking throughout your core.
You still see the shadows.
Shadows that are inspired by cruel torment.
Laughing in joyful celebration.
They’re staring at you.
Why are they staring?

Anna: Shadows

I see it looming in the shadows, staring right at me
I feel like I’m gonna scream
But…… I can’t scream, I just can’t
I just lay there staring back at the shadow in my bed just lying there
Utterly frozen
Then it moves, like an inch as fast that a if I blinked I wouldn’t see it!
I was not able to run, stand up or even move a mussel, I just lay on my bed just staring, staring Staring, staring, staring, staring, staring, staring……
I wake up the next morning
and I think… was that all a dream? I asked myself...

Betty: Shadows
I see the bold shadows running into my eyes
all I see is darkness like a dark cloud damp darkness
getting darker darker and darker
Every shadow is looking at me every time I look away
it comes closer and closer then catches me into his nightmares
It is horrors sneaking into my brain a
ll comes to my mind was darkness
red lights
I open my eyes
It was a dream, 
or was it?

The howls of darkness surround every move I make,
entering doors but no end,
Feeling light as a shadow,
I run till I fall
I see the darkness chasing me,
No where to run no where to go its the end,
¨No never will I back down¨
jumping through the soft touch of darkness
Waking up into a new land,
¨I... am... dead...¨
I couldn't believe I'm Pinching and screaming
But the shadow inside of me remains a secret.

Asha Shadows
The Shadows watch you as you Dream,
Love stories,
The moon gleams,
The sneaky shadows spy your sight,
Beneath you one shadow spies the light,
He stalks the night,
He takes off in flight,
He lives near,
In the hollow Below,
Humans are so stupid,
Their companions leave behind,
The mischievous shadows steal your biscuits,
Within minutes,
Your eyes are blind,
Before you
You see only grind,
He sneaks he creeps, 
He makes the tap leak,
Where he lives,
You will never know!

Joab and Rory’s poem.
Shadows shadows lovely fellows,
They love to live under your bed or in  your head,
They are certainly not dead!.
Most are mean and some are nice.
They follow you wherever you go some even go in the deep deep snow!
If they know where you will go they are sure to come.
The problem is from this will you get to sleep tonight?

The shadow is where things hide.
Light melts into darkness.
Leaving nothing behind.
Eating everything.
Crawling towards you.
You try to run.
No door to be seen.
The shadows creeping, crawling towards you.
Having their midnight feast.
There's a noise.
Tap, tap, tap.
Now the shadows dance.
Twirling in the breeze.
Swinging their arms.
Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.
You hear another noise.
It the creaking of a door.
Then a click.
The shadows disappear and light fills the room.
You see an angry parent in the doorway.
You mutter to yourself.
“Looks like I have another problem.”
The adult takes a step.
But that's another story.

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