Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Design Trip at the University

Today me (Jude), Burton, Jack, Tom and Adam went to the University of Architecture and Design. It was really fun, we got to see big 3-D printers and funny chairs. We met up with a designer and senior lecturer Ross Stevens, he was funny and very intelligent.
The best parts of it was going into his room and seeing all his prints and also seeing the big printers in action.
The University  was really big and had lots of offices, it was a big red building on the top of Cuba street. It was very deep and the staircases went on forever, but we weren't allowed to go down because of the earthquake strengthening.
We all thought that it was very cool and we really liked it.
After that, we went to subway and had a good lunch, everyone said it was the best trip ever.
Another cool thing was seeing the students in action and watching all of the meetings live and in person.
Ross' workshop was so cool, it had a really cool chair that lit up when you sat on the tubes, all of his products were on his desk and he had all sorts of things like plastic bird heads, metal  tubes, mini houses, moulds and heavy battery things. But what caught our attention most was the big Wellington model on his wall all made from 3-D print, nearly every building in Wellington could be seen on it.

It was amazing- Jude
It was good- Burton
The TVs were huge- Tom
It was amazing how many different materials they used to make things- Jack CC

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