Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Pikpok Games: We have been planning trips that link with our inquiry.

Hi Brett we loved the trip to Pikpok because I found out about Pikpok and what you do. I have started playing Giant Boulder of Death and Monster Blade and I've started creating a game on unity, it’s pretty hard but I think I will learn.
Pikpok is amazing how they have worked with Maze Runner and Adult Swim and more.

Thanks for showing us how you make games and apps with Unity.

I LOVED the trip, thanks for giving up your time for us to come look.

From Liam G

Gaming Trip

We left school just as I finished my explanation writing. We went in Jack R’s car. We went to a gaming place were they make video games. The company
is called Pikpok. We had to walk into the elevator then we had to walk through the library. We went out of the library then we walked across the road into the building. We went there because at school we got to choose our own inquiry about innovation and I chose to go to a gaming company called Pikpok. We learnt that at my age I can be a gaming tester and that is awesome!

By Jasper

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