Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Trip to Cancer Society: We have been planning our own trips that link with our own inquiries

At 9:00 on Wednesday morning 26th of November, Asha, Chanel, Gretel, Eloise, Frankie and Maya went on a inquiry trip to the ‘Cancer Society’ We asked some questions and we found out that the most common type of Cancer is Skin Cancer (In New Zealand). We got a photo with the staff members beside the Cancer society sign. We found out a lot while asking our questions:

Next we went to the Wellington hospital, we looked at the x-ray rooms, Chemotherapy room, operating room and the radio therapy room.

After that we went to the Hospice and made a gold coin donation, we talked about why people come here and when.

We got an ice-cream on the way back! (Yum)

By Asha, Frankie, Maya, Eloise, Gretel and Chanel.

Gretel: What types of Cancer are there?
Answer: Breast, lung,

Chanel: What is the most common Cancer?
Answer: Skin Cancer (Wellington)

Maya: Has medicine changed and helped Cancer?
Answer: “I have been working here for 30 years and I have definitely seen some changes in the medicine and technology”

Eloise: Has there been anything different that you have found out in Cancer over recent time?
Answer: :Yes there is a new technology being tested by doctors and nurses that they think will be new and will help”

Frankie: To treat patients are there different technologies/Medicines that you use?
Answer: “Yes there are different types of Technology that we use here. There is usually pes of Cancer for the individual”

Last: What can we do to help?
Answer: You can participate in fundraisers, organise a fundraiser or donate to the Cancer society.

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