Wednesday, 19 November 2014

How to Prepare Good Interview Questions...

"We went to the Photography Department at Victoria University. We met Colin McDirmuird. We had to interview him about how photography has changed. They had some old cameras and they also showed us some panoramic  picture views around Victoria University" 

We have started to plan our own trips that link with our inquiry. We have been talking about what makes a good interview question...

It is a good idea to record the interview so that you can go back and listen again.  

 Types of questions

Open-Ended: "Tell Me About..."

Clarification: "What Did You Mean by ..."

Fact-Checking: "How Do You Know..."

Follow-Ups: "Is There Anything I Haven't Asked..."

Remember that it is a conversation between you and the interviewee. 

Have your questions prepared before you go.

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