Thursday, 4 February 2016

Delicious Sultanas, or not.....

Delicious Sultanas?
Or not………
We all took a sultana each from the bowl and put it in our mouths, trying to really experience it, in every way.  How can we be in the moment when we experience something?  How can we fully appreciate the here and now?
And, how can we be conscious of what we are tasting, seeing, hearing and feeling?  Some people loved what they were tasting and some others hated it!  One person described the Sultana as ‘a wart from a witches armpit’.  Do you think he liked eating the Sultana? Hmmmm…..maybe not.

We used all of our powers of observation to think about and describe the simple act of eating a sultana.  Here is some of the writing which came out of the experience.


Sticky, gooey, icky golden, yucky grandpa grape
Warm gluey sweet, sultana invasion
                                                           by Hana

 Sultanas, A True Story!

"Everyone grab a Sultana please" said my teacher John.  
We are going to analyse these and then come up with some words to describe them. Analysing includes putting them in our mouths.

Oh dear: this cannot be good! But I have to.

I grab a raisin
It's like in a movie trailer.
I raise it to my mouth.
I bite. Oh no.  This taste is not good
Moral of the story: I hate Sultanas!
                                                        by Ben Blake

Sultana Poem

Gooey sweetness, smells like burnt toffee
Crystalised raisin plops on to my tongue
Chewy with a tingling sensation
Tangy grape splatters juice around my mouth
Like a rough dollop of cotton
Like a wrinkled sweetness
Taste evolving,revolving round my mouth
Burnt amber tastes so strong
It changes when my teeth contain the squishy grape
In the trap of taste
Taste gets better as the swelled raisin 
Slips down my throat
I sit there, opening my eyes
Stunned silence
                          by Liv


  1. Thanks for posting them, great description and structure and

  2. So descriptive, and great structure